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Who am I?

Who am I?

My name is Vicki Hayles, I am a former double Olympic swimmer, retiring from competition in 2000.

After training at the London School of Sports Massage I began working with the English Table Tennis team, travelling to World Championships and other international events. At this time I was living in Biarritz in South West France, also treating some professional cyclists and top pro surfers. On moving back to the UK I took up a position with the British Cycling team, working with the mountain bikers. I spent two seasons with the team including the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 and the World Championships, which was a great learning curve and provided a fantastic opportunity for me to be part of the supporting staff instead of a competing athlete!

I was weary after so much travelling and took a position at the English Institute of Sport, which allows me to continue my development as a therapist with regular contact with the best physiotherapists in the country. My history and ongoing experience in top-level international sport has given me an insight into a wide range of conditions and the most effective physiotherapy techniques.

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Helen Branthwaite MSc SRCh MChS
Musculoskeletal Podiatrist

Podiatry is a greek derived word meaning foot healing. A musculoskeletal podiatrist specialises in treating foot and lower limb complaints that are mechanical in origin.

Joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons are frequently overused or working out of alignment. This can lead to injuries, such as shin splints or plantar fasciitis, inflammation, chronic pain, fatigue and joint deformities.

Analysis of movement and function allows assessment of how the musculoskeletal system works. Joint range of motion and muscle function shows how strong the foot and lower limb are. Correction of joint alignment and muscle function with exercise, orthoses, footwear advice and mobilisation help to reduce force and stress on the foot and lower limb reducing and curing pain.

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